‘Africa’ Webinar Series

TRUE Africa University is proud to announce its ‘Africa’ webinar series in collaboration with MIT’s Centre for International Studies.

11 webinars, featuring some of the world’s foremost experts, policymakers and influencers, will be shown weekly from March 4th 2021

Hosted by MIT alumnus, entrepreneur and TRUE Africa University founder, Claude Grunitzky, each webinar promises to be a genre-defining look into the opportunities and challenges facing the African continent and its people over the next generation.

Expert speakers include:

Taiye Selasi

‘Ghana Must Go’ author, on the future of Africa’s creative economy.

Evan Lieberman

Total Professor of Political Science and Contemporary Africa at MIT.

Leonard Wantchekon

Princeton Professor of Politics and International Affairs.

Amah Edoh

MIT Professor of Anthropology and African Studies

Jeffrey Sachs.

Economist and world-leading expert on sustainable development

Maya Horgan Famodu

Entrepreneur and investor

Our Webinars

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