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Africa’s Agricultural Reinvention

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What is TRUE Africa University?

TRUE Africa University is a Pan-African learning community committed to accelerating Africa’s sustainable development by mobilizing a global network of committed academic, industrial and institutional partners.

Who are the founders of TRUE Africa University?

Claude Grunitzky and François-Xavier Huberlant are the founders of TRUE Africa University, with a team growing by the day.

Why was TRUE Africa University created?

TRUE Africa University was created because its founders believe that, even though 60% of its population is under the age of 25, Africa is missing an opportunity to tap into its young talent.

Where was TRUE Africa University incubated?

TRUE Africa University was incubated at MIT’s J-WEL. An initiative of MIT and Community Jameel, the Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) works with its member organizations to promote excellence and transformation in education at MIT and worldwide.

What is TRUE Africa University’s ambition?

TRUE Africa’s ambition is to educate millions of young Africans all over the continent.

What is the approach to designing TRUE Africa University’s curriculums?

TRUE Africa University seeks to craft a competency-based curriculum intertwining academia and industry insights to nurture a student-centric approach to acquiring practical and higher-level skills.

How will TRUE Africa University maximize impact?

TRUE Africa University will focus on data, analytics and foresight in order to accelerate learning and to scale through mobile devices all over the continent.

What is TRUE Africa University’s Webinar series?

TRUE Africa University partnered with the MIT Center for International Studies to host an eleven-week webinar series focused on various aspects of sustainable development in Africa.

What is TRUE Africa University’s Masterclass series?

TRUE Africa University is creating specially designed masterclass courses with chosen partners. The first masterclass, to be launched in July 2021, is a seven-week course on climate change that was designed, with funding from L’Oréal, for a cohort of 50 female students from Africa.

What is TRUE Africa University’s approach to “blended learning”?

TRUE Africa University has embraced a distributed blended learning model around online courses that are supported by a virtual network of mentors and peers, coupled with in-person project-based assignments.